You will find lots of information about the hall within this website, but if you still have some burning questions, hopefully we will have the answers below for you. Or you can always email our Committee - info@whittingtoncommunityhall.co.uk


Simply click on the link here and it will take you to our Hallmaster online booking system, where you can check availability and book.

Yes, each room can be booked alone or in combination with the other spaces. There is the main large hall space, as well as a smaller meeting room. The small meeting room can have access to a small kitchenette.

There are charges to hire each space separately such as the Main large hall space, the main kitchen or the smaller meeting room (with kitchenette). There is also a charge for the exclusive use of the whole hall. Click here to link through to our Hall Charges page to read all the hire charges.

There is a maximum limit of 100 people in the main large space in the Hall, in non Covid-19 times. This is for fire safety regulations. When there is a need to socially distance we would recommend a limit of 26 people at a 2 metre distance, standing or sitting.

The maximum number of people in the small meeting room is 12, in non Covid-19 times.  This is seated board room style around a table.

Click here to read more details about the capacity of each room.

If you hire the whole hall, yes the kitchen is included. However you can choose to hire just the main large space without the kitchen. There is a charge for using the main kitchen, so if you do not need the kitchen you can choose not to hire it.

Those hiring the small meeting room can have access to the kitchenette.

Yes, there is free wifi access throughout the hall.

If you hire an inflatable from a reputable company, have the appropriate insurance, have an appropriate risk assessment and take responsibility for the safety of those present then there is a good chance you can we will give permission to have bouncy castle inside the large space of the hall or on the grassed area. Please read the full terms and conditions.